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Watercolour, 2015

Race Car Quick Rough

Watercolour and ink, 2014

The Little Dipper

Also, the texture
and an
untextured view.


Watercolour, 2015

Dire Wolf Scribble

Pencil and ink, 2015
Also, a pixelled version.

Squid 5-minute Rough

Watercolour and Ink, 2014

Four Trees Assignment (closeup)

Watercolour and Ink, 2014

Head Turn/Anticipate/Jump/Deform

Pencil, 2016


Late 2015.

Also, data point - getting a little cartoon horse to gallop: much harder than Hasbro/DHX make it look on TV.

I didn't really used to like watercolour, but now I think it's my favourite medium; it frees you from worrying too much about photorealism, and the paintings always come out so lively...