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Things got quite busy with work and moving, but I have been finding moments here and there to work on Emily's Curious Adventure in hopes of bringing the project to the Pandora repo soon.

I have been working on the cutscenes lately; not too long ago, I started modelling this:

based on this:

Someday, it'll be ready for the public eye. Someday soon...

Also, more art has been added to the sketchbook.


Happy Independence Day if you're from the 'States.

Nothing says 'freedom' like a chance to hack on an indie side project, so guess what we're doing today? Also, more Emily's Curious Adventure art has been posted.


Emily's Curious Adventure has been officially announced, and she should be jumping and slashing her way onto your Pandora in early Fall of this year; for further details, hop on over to the games page.


New artwork has been added; also, look out for a sprite from an upcoming game.


A Windows port of Into The Stars has been posted!

Also, two new images have been added to the sketchbook page.


More artwork has been added to the sketchbook page.


A sketchbook page has been added. Some concept art from our next game may surface there...


Various Burst has been released for OpenPandora, as well as in source code form; please see the games page for details.