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No, the project didn't die, and I apologise to the few hardy souls waiting on it who thought it might have.

Between being busy with moving to a new city, a new job and depression, it did tend to be pretty hard to make myself work on it, although every now and then, I did find myself making commits here and there.

Here's hoping it gets done sooner, rather than later.

At the moment, I've been making small engine enhancements to better support flying enemies that behave as if they're on a rail (bats needed this), and working on the cutscenes. Here's the fruit of some of that labour:


Happy Independence Day if you're from the United States.

Nothing says freedom - or fireworks - like a flame-breathing half-rat/half-lizard:


The progress has been slow over the last few days, but I did manage to fix quit a few outstanding bugs from way back. I also implemented a minor but nice-looking feature - character portraits to go along with the dialogue/speech box.


Well, school has let out for the year, so I can finally devote some time to this properly. I released a trailer and have fixed a few things, but it'll take a week or so to really get back into the code fully.

One thing I have been focusing on is artwork - so far, none of the cinematics are done and there's really only one type of sprite...as I said on the OpenPandora boards, it looks like there are many unhappy hours of Inkscape and GIMP ahead of me... :^)

I've kind of been in stealth mode for a bit - there's progress, but no demos being released, primarily because I get the feeling people will eventually tire of seeing unfinished versions and not care about the official release when it finally happens (and that would be bad). As a result, though, there isn't much to show just yet, so, in the meantime, please have this video from a while ago detailing the first time I actually got enemies to behave remotely like I wanted them to: